Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Time!

Very cool to see all those kids so darn happy to get presents, it was hard being away from home and not easy to see all those presents and not want to jump into them like Scrooge McDuck would do in his money vault.
but it wasnt all that bad = )
I was happy not having to see the commercial end of Christmas. But i do miss Grandmas cooking!!! Man what i wouldn't give for some of that chicken curry she makes!! Well i hope everyone had a blessed holiday and that everyone has a safe new year = ). But the best part of my new year is i get to plan the party!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Where are some pics of what went down on Christmas day! And of a family i really like here and a group of volunteers i really like as well.


KAE said...

Hey there Honduran dude!! My camera is Liz's house and my phone was dead too! I had been too busy getting ready for the big day to even think about putting it on the charger. So I have no pictures from this Christmas, only memories. Dawn and Jim came over first on christmas eve, hung out for a couple hours and opened presents then went to Dawn's dad's family christmas at her aunt's house. Then Liz and Jonathan (my second born and her husband came over christmas eve with the kids of coarse and Jonathans famly came as well. We had a traditional turkey meal for dinner and the kids opened a bunch of presents. On christmas morning it is tradition that papa (Lee) dresses up as Santa and wakes up Logan and Trinity at the Karpynec house so we went there at 7:30 and spent a couple hours then came home woke up my son and his family and they opened their presents with Lee and I. Then the Karpynec's came to our house to open their gifts from us and have prime rib christmas dinner. WOW, it makes metired just thinking about all of that. I think next year I'm going to give my grandkids christmas money to their parents the 1st of Decmber and let them do the shopping and wrapping. Anyway, it is really good to hear from you. I was telling Lee the other day how long and hard the days of work at the orphanage are but how somehow the Lord provides the strength. At least that is how I felt. Everyday my morning pryaer was for the day to do His work so maybe that is why. Anyway I know how hard it is, but the reward is amazing to feel the presnce of God all the time is just awesome. To be in constant dependancy of Him. I just felt peaceful and joyful like never before and maybe never again. I hope the kids all enjoyed their christmas. I hope Dania enjoyed the gifts I sent her. It sounds like all in all you had a happy day! Do you have your cell phone? If so what service provider do you have and can I send you pics over the phone? I don't know how to do that on the computer. I guess I might be able to pin down one of my kids to show me.

ooo (hugs)
talk to ya soon,

Karen E

grandma said...

hi my tooks, i just read you notes @ also kaes. sounds like you had a very nice christmas even tho u weren't here. yes we did too, monie spent so much time trying to orient me to this blog. i so appreaciate it , iwas so frustrated. i must remember tiny steps. it was good to see tallie and chantel et al, j@d also. we missed u so much. i will plaster the canyon with chkn curry when you come home. many prayers ,lol grandma

Daniel Balboa said...

Merry Christmas John. Stay safe as you are on our hearts.

Dad said...

Well Junior I can assure you Grandma didn't miss a beat with that curry cookin!! YUMMY!!!! I had some for you and told her that I would freeze the rest for when you get guarantees though! Hey Steven Mitchell is getting married!! He hasn't set a date yet but I got a card announcing it. I am teaching Sassy how to say "I love you" and she has said it once and Dorothy and I about fainted! Oprah here we come! Get me an address so I can try to send some cookies. We miss you buddy...I wish I could talk you into coming back soon! That is the selfish side of me speaking..sorry. Love you lots.


grandma said...

hi my tooks,so wonderful to talk to u. i ordered international long distance today c A.T.T. its only 5$/mo plus 41cents/min. so if i keep the min low i can talk with u more often. let me know the best time to call. what is the time difference there???? just read dad's note. he says it for us hinnie

grandma said...

sun pm . itried to call you tonite but couldn't get thru i have rattled every att long dist. line and they just called back and said the carriers were sent emails and it should be up @ running in 2-3 days. it has been a bird-dog day. my dish remote fritzd and it was 2-3 hrs with them. the 3rd repair person is sending a new one. love u much.