Friday, July 9, 2010

yay update

sorry i haven't been able to keep one on one contact we finally got some email service down here that actually works so now i can keep in contact. But still find my time lacking to get on regularly. But yes the big day is the 24th and things are a green light, so please keep praying for us. And i hear that the church has moved, sounds like attendance dropped a little. BTW i asked sandals for a little help/support and they basically told me to go fly a kite lol. But just another message from the lord saying "you depend on me not on man".. Which is the best way to go about it, because i have a great God story for you.
Well you know that me and Jenny got a pair of rings donated to us. Nothing fancy, but it was the green light from God to get married. Well when i came back this last spring, i picked up a little engagement ring, also silver nothing fancy i think i spent $50 on it because i didn't have any money to purchase anything super nice. Well last week, jenny's engagement ring broke, and she was to scarred to tell me. But God was already on the job, he had spoken to the same couple that gave us the silver rings and called the wife, and asked her to give up her real set of wedding rings, not the silver, but her gold and diamond set.Now they didnt know that her ring broke and neither did i. But as i received the news about the ring breaking God provided the new set, as a surprise for jenny when we get married. Now that's how God provides, now i share that to say this. That although i doubt, and sometimes feel like i dont have as much as most missionaries do here at the orphanage, I know that God, Jesus, and the holy spirit are with me. Its a good reminder for all of us that God knows and cares. And loves us beyond all measure. But for anyone to personally experience Gods love and blessing, we need to submit in all our ways. And little by little God is teaching me to submit and lean on his understanding not my own. So i hope that lifted your spirits up a little and feel free to share that with your group. You can add and take out as you please. I know i am not the best writer in the world. and that's mainly why i dont write so often
but i miss yall and love you

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


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This is Alexis, the reason I put him as one of the boys of the week is that he is one of my favorites. This boy is the craziest dude I have ever meet. He have a stomach of steal and a head full of bricks lol. This little dude will get out there and play with the biggest boys in the orphanage and its nothing to him, even though he is half their size. And if you put a raw egg (or any kind of food) around this guy forget it, cause its gone, he just ate it. Alexis is one of those kids you will never forget cause they are loud, and sometimes obnoxious, but you know deep down that he is a good kid. He’s a fighter, I know he will do well because he never backs down.
the best story I have about this kid is, one day he and I where wrestling on a cliff, one side a small pond, and the other a straight fall about 12 feet. Well as we where messing around, he decided to take a dive, and the upper half of myself as well. ( i tried to keep as dry as possible but the little dude grabbed on to me as he fell into the water.) Good news is, he was fine. Bad news, my radio went in as well (cost: $350). But as soon as he came up out of the water he noticed my radio gone and went back in for the radio. And he found it for me, but i gotta tell you this pond is not just any pond, its pretty grows, i wouldn’t have gone in after it lol. But he did and because of that he will always be one of my favorites.
Hes been working for me for about 1 year now. Him and I are good friends and really never have any problems. He’s just another little brother i have that one day he will leave or i will and i will be sad when that day comes to pass.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Snake its a snakkkeeee

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LOL dude this kid loves snakes!!!! His name is Noel!
He is the Kid of the week.
Noel, we a miracle in my eyes, because i have been working with him for about a year now. And when i first started working with him, no one could get him to do anything. But with the love and patience of the Lord i finally got him to smile and then he began to work and now, his is one of my best workers. Right now he is in trouble with another staff member but still my favorite little worker. He is very trustworthy and wants to learn all he can about the farm.
He has a sister here that helps out staff members with their children. And she too is just at stubborn as him. Guess it runs in the family. I don't know very much about his past. He doesn't talk about it much. But i can tell that much has passed in his life and he needs a ton of love and friendship. So he was my first to write about, and let you all see that these kids are very real and all have good and bad points in their life and need our love and prayer. So pray for Noel this week. Pray that God would teach him that respect is very important and to learn to ask for forgiveness. love yall, and next week will be another new boy for you to see and read about.

Rain days

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Hey everyone! Dude did we get some rain this last week. It was a huge change from the constant sun we have had. As you can see this lagoon we have is overflowing with water to the point it is spilling over the side. The grass is growing uncontrollable, so for the next few months i can expect an extra portion of machete and lawn mowing.
But the house is still chaos, holes everywhere and the kitchen is the worst of them all. But we are getting along.
Well, ill send some more pics soon keep checking back!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


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Dude this is my friend Bob. He decided to stay over last night... in my work boot. Now he might seem like a small fellow, but hes must weigh 10 pounds lol this is one of the biggest frogs i have seen at my house. Freaked me out to put my shoe on and have him start freaking out, i tossed my shoe off the porch and about had a heart attack. Imagine, your cup of coffee in your hand, about to slip on your shoes and BAM! attack of the frog! well thought it was cool and wanted to share!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Scorpions attack

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these are just a few of our little friends that have decided to stay a while. the ones that bit me are no longer with us as they have decided to party with a few fire ants. looked like a concert and the scorpions where riding the wave lol

coffee plantation

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Read the blog its a good one!

Rainy day

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we where gunna ride the horses today but no luck.... Raining, hope we can get some more rain cause we need it.


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4 new caffs all bulls waht luck!!! = ( maybe next time it will be 4 females!

Abel Planting seeds

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this is Abel planing seeds right now, we currently have 4000 chillies, 3000 or more onions, few hundred tomatos, and other stuff on the way!

Coffee Plantation

The Coffee Plantation.
Here are a few pics from the coffe plantation we have been gowin up into the mountains for the last few weeks cleaning and cutting coffee. After having been up there a few times I do know how coffee makes it into that nice tin can waiting for you in the grocery store. It is a beautiful area and very humble work.
Brings to mind how Jesus spent most of his time with the people who worked the land for a living. Many of the parables are directed towards this class of people. And if you have ever plowed a field you know that you have to keep looking forward, if you look to the left or the right you row will become crooked and you have to start over (Luke 9:62). We have to keep looking forward and moving toward the goal. The end of the line (heaven).
Making fishermen, fishers of men (Matt 4:18-19). Jesus spoke to us in very simple terms. We all should be the fisherman, trying to capture who ever we can with the love of Jesus. Follow him, with all our hearts and loving him uncondtionaly.
Having faith like a mustard seed (Matt 13:31). With a seed so small, it can grown and become a tree to house the birds of the skies. If you have ever seen a seed grow it’s a beautiful thing, to see it struggle through the dirt to become a sprout, not feering the huge world around it, spreading out its roots to become what God has designed it to be. To grown, to BE! BE a big tree! Be a home for others! Be shelter! Be beautiful… That was one of Jesus’s mission statments for humanity. He took a group of Gentiles, the lowest of the low and made them princes’s in heaven. People, who today are famed for there wisdom and knoweldge. We to are no different from them we are sinners covered by the blood of the lamb.
Looking out from the top of the mountain God has shown me just how powerful he is. He is mighty, he is magical, he is above all else alive and real. We can touch him and feel him. He is always around us, we just have to look. Open our eyes, see what God has made for us.

Rainy Day

Rainy day!
Its been a rainy day today. We where gunna ride some horses for the afternoon, but decided not to. Sad but its cool. Took a few pics and a little video. JUTS FYI Jenny got me a new phone so I have been able to take pics with it and stuff and post them up for the blog hope that might give it a little more pazzaz.
And got that H1N1 shoot, lets see how it works lol I hate getting those kinds of things but hey what ya gunna do, they got a virus on the move that is killin people lol. But hey how about them lakers!?!?!?

Honduran John Update

Honduran John update
Its already been a month since I got back to Emmanuel and everything went back to full swing the first day back. So I haven’t had much time for anything. Actually as I am typing this I am cooking my dinner, getting cleaned up from the day, and getting ready to head out to help Wade put up some blinds. Busy busy busy.
But I wanted to sit down and update yall on how things are going here at the Orphanage. First off the Orphanage is running smoothly and looking very sharp. We have a bunch of new roads on the farm, the 4 new homes as well, and most of all my crops just ripened and everything came out great. Tons of onions, bell peppers, and cantaloupe. And at this moment we are seeding more seeds, right now we have 3000 chilies, 2000 onions getting ready to go into the ground. Thank to David Ball, (a new staff member in charge of growing food) we are actually going to grown on a massive scale. This has been my vision since the first time I get here, and God is putting things together and soon we hope to have vegetables for all the orphanage every day of the week.
I am still doing the same things I had been doing before I left:
• I have my chicken coups with 300 egg chickens and every 6 months I get batch of 500 meat chickens to use as food for the children
• 4 horses that I take care of and use to teach a biblically based horse riding class
• And the 2 green houses/ fields where we grow vegetables, fruits, and decorative plants.
All that keep me pretty busy, it’s a ton to do especially when you have to take care of the inside and outside of the facilities, animals and plants. But no complaining here I am happy as a clam and I am very blessed to live here and work here.
Yenni and I are doing great. The greatest part is that we have grown a lot since our engagement. And God is really working in our lives to straighten us up before we enter marriage together. I can’t wait until the big day comes. We are both excited and a little nervous about how everything will come together. But I know God will help us.
A few quick updates for Yenni are:
• She found her mother today. I had called her and she had just gotten off the phone with her mother. What a blessing this is for her, she hasn’t heard from her mother for 14 years. God is so good!!!
• She has found her dress for the wedding, and is getting it sized now.
• Yenni is training her new replacement, and I know she is looking forward to giving that responsibility to another person. Although she still will be working at the toddler house, it wont be full time.
God Story (If you don’t want to read please skip to the break in the page.)
When I heard that Jenny had been talking to her mother, I had been praying that day for a miracle and God sent me one. The funny thing is that I don’t test God but I love to see how he hears my prayers and answers them. I was picking coffee that day with the boys and was looking at the beautiful view off the side of the mountain. And I asked God to give me a miracle. To please show me a column of fire, make water come out of a rock, knock a stone wall down with the shout of a voice. And he answered in style. I give God the glory for that great blessing. It is a miracle that Jenny found her mother and that, her mother is doing well, and we look forward to visiting her as soon as possible.
OK! Back to the Big Day. We have just about all the plans set, and just need to put them in action. Jenny is so great, she is taking care of most all the planning and I get to take care of the honeymoon and the fun stuff lol. Some times its hard to believe I’m getting married. But I want to spend the rest of my life with her and I know that she will make me the happiest man on the planet. Ok enough of the sappy stuff. Well if any of yall where wondering the date its July 24th, Ill post pics as soon as I have them available. And I have had a few people ask about online registry, so I signed up at Target, under Johnathan Perez, check it out if you like, we are missing a few things for our new home and most of the stuff on the list is hard to find here in Guimaca Honduras.
But like I said all is well here at the Orphanage . David just left to Denmark for a week; so the orphanage will me on lockdown as I like to say. But we all will do fine. But we will miss him and Lydia a bunch.
That’s it for my updates. But I have a few prayer requests:
First prayer request/need is someone stole all our lassos and halters our from our barn (which was under lock and key, but they fished them out with a big stick), makes me soooooo mad that people do that kind of thing. So we are going to need 4 halters and 4 lassos for our horses. Please be in prayer about this and if you know anyone that can help out please let me know!
Second prayer request is, as we start up our vision to bring fruits and vegetables to all the children of Emmanuel, we have old equipment mostly used, old, broken and jimmy-rigged into working. We need new tools, hoses, drip lines, seeding dirt, chemical sprayers, and donation money to buy seed, and items that are needed to start the farming process. And if you are interested in helping us please let me know and I can forward you to David Ball who is the head of the program. But please PRAY, that is what I want more than just asking for help!
Please keep all these things in prayer. Daily prayer is the key to a good relationship with Jesus. And if you have any prayer request please feel free to respond, I would love to pray for you and know what is going on in your life.
Thank you for reading and I hope all is well with you. But if things aren’t going well flip to James and start reading. It always lifts me up when I am down.

Blessings Upon Blessings

Blessings upon Blessings

Well if God wanted to make himself real to me, he’s doing a good job.
I say that because i have seen God move these last few months in ways that are very new to me. The people God is putting in our path have been a huge help to me and Jenny. Did you know that as of right now we haven’t spent a dime on the wedding, and almost half of it is done.
I’m am not writing to brag, but to share God’s blessings in my life. I want to share so that not only you can read but so that i can reflect. I never want to forget these last few months, to acknowledge that God has blessed me with a beautiful woman and prepared the way to spend the rest of my life with her.
God has been a true blessing to many many people around the earth, working through man to help others. I write this letter to you, to say thank you. To say thank you even though you might not know it, you are helping. To read this testimony is a blessing.
God will move mountains for all of us. If we only put our trust in him. Believe that he will provide. I have no idea what God is doing right now at this moment, but i know God is good and only wants the best for me.
I rest in that fact. I believe that God real, that he has taken care of me and will take care of me. And he does the same for all the people of this world. So let God rain blessings on your life like he has mine. He isn’t a piggy bank, but He's my maker and He loves me.

Attack of the scorpions

Attack of the Scorpions
I'm on a beach surrounded by palm trees, it’s cool out today, and the waves are small but crystal blue. The sand is warm to the skin, no... Very hot.... wait its burning. What the heck!!!
As I hit my head on the bunk bed, and slapping my hand as if it were on fire.
As I pull out of my sleeping state and literally jump off my bed I realize that I have just been stung, and instantly I can tell it was something really big because I feel like I just had a nail forced through the side of my hand.
As a get the light on to search for what just stung me, I can’t stop thinking about how much that bug hurt me. I begin ripping my bed apart. Not there, under the bed, not there. Maybe it’s in my dirty clothes? Yup, a big freaking scorpion.
Heck ya I killed that thing without discretion.
Dude that was a crazy night I killed the fool and tried to fall asleep and maybe got an hour lol.
But that’s not all! The following night as I roll into bed...BAM!!!!!!!!! Another freaking scorpion stings my other hand, this time much worse and the pain over takes my entire hand. I know what it is now and go on the hunt. Yup under my pillow... lill bastard got me good. This time, I can’t go to sleep at all. I am scared to even get close to me bed now lol. I think I’ll move rooms.
But the cool thing about the night was, while I was waiting for the pain to subside I opened my bible to research scorpions. And turns out they are up there with the worst of them, they are grouped with snakes and said to give there sting to a swarm of locust for five months in the time of revelation, and that all men will be begging for death, but won’t find it. Also that God would never send a scorpion to his children. And demons have control of them to some extent.
So as I am reading I am thinking about, why me? So I start writing, and praying and writing and reading, 4 hours later, I have it. And a bunch of wonderful time with my savior, Jesus. I learned a lot in that time and I know what Jesus wants me to do. It’s not easy but I have to do it.
A painful experience, but Jesus wins again. My strength is in him. Now let’s hope I can get back into a bed tonight. I’m still freaked out about it; don’t know if I can do it lol. Pray for me.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Honduras~

Well i am back in Emmanuel, and took off running. It has been a little hard to get my butt in gear but i think i am about another week away from adjusting to the heat and the fat stuck in my arteries from eating all those double cheese burgers.
I knew that i missed Jenny, but i never realized that i missed her this much! after returning from my vacation i really feel a wall has been broken down in my heat, don’t ask me what it is or what happened, but i feel different. But i guess it could also be that the wedding is only a few months away. CANT WAIT!
And boy did the boys grow over just a few weeks, they all changed a little since i was gone, its crazy how we change so much over time. I am very very excited to be back and that the greenhouse and my chickens are all alive and doing well! OK!! ill write you all later!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Dude i gotta say that all these pics people are posting on face book of me are horrible lol. I really need to cut my hair when im down there lol. if ur interested go check them out. I think i look like a total gubber lol

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ending of my vacation!

Well my time back here in the states is coming to a close and I can only look back and say that I am blessed by a truly awesome God. My time here has been great. Some times I got a little board, but for the most part I have been able to see just about everyone I wanted to see and talk to all the people that I miss so much. I hope this next year I will be able to stay in contact with more of my church family.
I think that was the toughest part about coming back was to see that everyone was so happy that I have returned back home but they never gave a thought to writing me or trying to stay in contact with me. But a big part of that is my fault, I think. I am going to be a little more aggressive in trying to get the word out about what I need and where I am at.
But God has shown me a few things during this trip back home:
First, God is very real and wants me to be the happiest I can be
Second, I never want to be away from Jenny for more then 3 weeks at a time
Third I can eat a ton of junk food but I miss rice and beans
Four The love of Christ shown to me through others, is much larger and grander then I could have ever imagined. (thank you everyone for taking care of me and giving so much)
Fifth My parents where chosen for me to lift me up and support me through all the good times and the bad.
Sixth Grandmas rock
Seventh I love Thai food, Chinese food, panera bread, frozen yogurt, and Cadbury eggs.
Eight I love Jesus!

none of these are in any particular order. lol. But those are just a few things God has shown me!!! LOVE IT!!!!!!!! BUT CANT WAIT TO GET BACK TO HONDURAS!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Back in Cali! Storms are raging.

Well it has been 2 days back in California, and I am having a great time. It is hard being back home. Living in my old home, seeing my friends and family. And all the time wishing I could have both worlds together (Emmanuel and Cali). I guess that was the hard decision with all the disciples. Brings to mind the event that weeded out the true followers of Christ and the ones that where just along for the ride. It was when Jesus set out to sea to preach to those who have not herd the good news. And while Jesus set out for another land many others did as well. Everything was going great until... until the storms hit the boats. And if you have never been on a boat in the middle of the ocean when a storm starts, it is probably the most scary thing you will ever experience, The strongest force you will probably ever experience moving with no regard for life, waves so large and so fast that makes you fill like an ant as someone pours a 5 gallon bucket of water on your head. Much like life we have storms that scare us, and while the storm raged on the sea, Jesus pushed on, but many others turned back to where they came from. My time back in the states is my storm. I know there where probably many great people that had to turn around that day, that storm was not a normal one, it was a test of faith, a test of what is really in their hearts. But for me, I am going to push on and keep going, this is hard but I know that the testing of my faith produces endurance. Endurance to face even more difficult storms. I will keep my eye’s on Jesus and not look around me. I don't want to fall into the water. I am fully committed and cant turn back now.
We all have this point in our lives as Christians, what are you going to do? Be a leaf blown around in the wind or a tree planted firmly in the ground?

Monday, March 1, 2010

Back in cali!

Hey yall back in cali hit me up i wana see everyone! but i dont have a car and i am broke! so if you dont mind picking me up im yours lol

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Peanut Butter Miracle?

Peanut Butter Miracle?

Monday, February 8, 2010 at 7:35pm
There’s a story going around about an orphanage in Central America where nine young boys got full one Saturday afternoon. People are saying it was a miracle because it hardly ever happens. Orphans being full? Doesn’t even sound natural. They are saying that God did it. When I heard that I knew I had to set the record straight. God nudged me and told me to. You see I have three friends named David, Lorrie and Brittany and they were eye witnesses to this miracle. They came from Canada to serve at orphanage Emmanuel and asked these young men if they wanted to go on a picnic. They had never been on one and boy were they excited. They knew one thing happened on a picnic. Food would be involved. David asked them if they could have any kind of sandwiches, what would they want? Immediately they said peanut butter and jelly. Sounds like a simple request. Only problem is, there’s hardly any peanut butter in Guaimaca, Honduras and there was none now. But on this Saturday there was peanut butter at the orphanage. People were saying that God had sent it, but I knew better because I received it! Oh God certainly wanted these boys to go on a picnic and have peanut and butter jelly sandwiches, but He couldn’t send them himself. He tells us in James 1:27 that WE are to look after the orphans in their distress. Psalms 115:16 says “The highest heaven s belong to the Lord, but the earth He has given to man." You see, God chose us to do his miracles through. Now it wouldn’t be like God to go back on His Word. God spoke to David about a picnic; David nudged me about some peanut butter. Story has it, some believers at the church at Grace Point got nudged to give and boy did they ever give! These nine young boys had their peanut butter, and not just any peanut butter, but peter pan crunchy. They gave their best! 33 sandwiches from one jar. The way I see it there are 66 more to be made. You see I was an eye witness to this miracle, but I had already experienced a miracle from these same people and some other friends of mine. That’s how I got here! I’ve learned that God doesn’t respond to our needs; He responds to our faith. "Mark 5: 21-34, Mark 10: 48-52 and Matthew 15:27, 28. These young men asked for a miracle and never doubted! They didn’t give a second choice. David said while at the river they started to talk about Jesus as they so often do. All had been saved by our Lord but two had not been baptised. I wasn’t at the river, but my friends tell me they were sure the two boys weighted more when their leader John (of course his name would be John) raised them from the water. You see, God dearly loves us and always will. He can’t love us anymore nor any less. But we don’t always please Him. “Hebrews 11:6.” Like when he nudges us and we don’t respond. Is he nudging you to do something? Maybe you just need to buy a jar of peanut butter. Like the gospel, you never know how far it will spread. I know, I was a witness to it. By the way the boys got full 29 sandwiches and 4 left over. The boys said no mas. To God be the glory!

Michael D.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I did IT!

OK! So i asked Jenny to marry me yesterday and she said YES! To cool! Thought i would let yall know that i am going to get married some time in July. YAY!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More on the way!

Hey yall i have a bunch of stories on my laptop but i dont get internet and i dont have a jump drive to put them on so what i get in the states ill make shure to put up pics and stories!!

Taking the Dive!

So last week i was praying about me and Jenny. And i pretty much gave God the relationship. I knew that if this was "Gods will" that we would put us together. I basically said that i dont have the money for anything such as rings, tux, dress, and wedding, and neither does Jenny. And that he would have to take care of us. So what happens the very next day? A volunteer comes up to me out of know where and hands me $100.00 and says that good put it on his heart to give me that money. I could not believe it, this wasn't the first time this has happened to me but what an awesome God we have... or so i thought. Then the next day... I was talking with another Volunteer about jenny and I, and told him how much i love her and i want to merry her. And then i asked him about his wife, and after that we moved on to others conversations. And then that afternoon he asked me if i wanted to marry Jenny, and i said yes i do, and proceeded to tell him about my prayer and then he says "well i have a surprise for you."
I said "what?"
"i was praying today and God told me to give this to you"
"what is it?"
And he pulls out of his pocket 2 rings...
The volunteer told me "God told me to give these to you."
"where did you get them?"
And he holds up his finger and says "this one is my wife's wedding ring, and this one is mine."
I was dumbfounded, all i could do was laugh, I was so happy. God came through, and not only with just a little, but BIG TIME and he gave my priceless rings that money could not buy and with a story that will live with me forever.
And not only that... the hundred bucks i was talking about... YA God provided the money to get the rings sized as well.
And then yesterday i went up to Davids house told him the story and asked for Jennies hand in marriage. And after a 45 second wait from him, that seemed like 10 years, he said YES!!!!!
So jenny and I will be getting hitched, but i have asked her yet, although i know she will say yes =) I am planning the engagement party now.
You all are welcome to shar the good news!!!
Love yall!