Friday, July 9, 2010

yay update

sorry i haven't been able to keep one on one contact we finally got some email service down here that actually works so now i can keep in contact. But still find my time lacking to get on regularly. But yes the big day is the 24th and things are a green light, so please keep praying for us. And i hear that the church has moved, sounds like attendance dropped a little. BTW i asked sandals for a little help/support and they basically told me to go fly a kite lol. But just another message from the lord saying "you depend on me not on man".. Which is the best way to go about it, because i have a great God story for you.
Well you know that me and Jenny got a pair of rings donated to us. Nothing fancy, but it was the green light from God to get married. Well when i came back this last spring, i picked up a little engagement ring, also silver nothing fancy i think i spent $50 on it because i didn't have any money to purchase anything super nice. Well last week, jenny's engagement ring broke, and she was to scarred to tell me. But God was already on the job, he had spoken to the same couple that gave us the silver rings and called the wife, and asked her to give up her real set of wedding rings, not the silver, but her gold and diamond set.Now they didnt know that her ring broke and neither did i. But as i received the news about the ring breaking God provided the new set, as a surprise for jenny when we get married. Now that's how God provides, now i share that to say this. That although i doubt, and sometimes feel like i dont have as much as most missionaries do here at the orphanage, I know that God, Jesus, and the holy spirit are with me. Its a good reminder for all of us that God knows and cares. And loves us beyond all measure. But for anyone to personally experience Gods love and blessing, we need to submit in all our ways. And little by little God is teaching me to submit and lean on his understanding not my own. So i hope that lifted your spirits up a little and feel free to share that with your group. You can add and take out as you please. I know i am not the best writer in the world. and that's mainly why i dont write so often
but i miss yall and love you

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


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This is Alexis, the reason I put him as one of the boys of the week is that he is one of my favorites. This boy is the craziest dude I have ever meet. He have a stomach of steal and a head full of bricks lol. This little dude will get out there and play with the biggest boys in the orphanage and its nothing to him, even though he is half their size. And if you put a raw egg (or any kind of food) around this guy forget it, cause its gone, he just ate it. Alexis is one of those kids you will never forget cause they are loud, and sometimes obnoxious, but you know deep down that he is a good kid. He’s a fighter, I know he will do well because he never backs down.
the best story I have about this kid is, one day he and I where wrestling on a cliff, one side a small pond, and the other a straight fall about 12 feet. Well as we where messing around, he decided to take a dive, and the upper half of myself as well. ( i tried to keep as dry as possible but the little dude grabbed on to me as he fell into the water.) Good news is, he was fine. Bad news, my radio went in as well (cost: $350). But as soon as he came up out of the water he noticed my radio gone and went back in for the radio. And he found it for me, but i gotta tell you this pond is not just any pond, its pretty grows, i wouldn’t have gone in after it lol. But he did and because of that he will always be one of my favorites.
Hes been working for me for about 1 year now. Him and I are good friends and really never have any problems. He’s just another little brother i have that one day he will leave or i will and i will be sad when that day comes to pass.