Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank you all for the comments, I feel the love!

Hey everyone! just wanted to say thank you for teh comments you write. You have no idea how it makes me feel, i am stoked to look on my blog and see that you all are reading it. It warms my heart and puts a smile on my face!
thank you mom and Dad for you comments as well, i love you and miss you and hope to see you soon!

More over, today was an awesome day, I had my first opportunity to work with the kids alone, and although they really didn't listen to me, i think it was cool to practice my Spanish and try to get them to work, lol. tomorrow should be a nice day. and i hope to get some much needed rest and hang out with the kids out side of work.

love you all!!!!!!


KAE said...

Hey John, I needed to take a break from wrapping presents and decided to check in on you again. As I read your posts I reaize that my biggest fear in going back to emmanuel is having do deal with the feeling of not wanting to leave. I remember the long days of hard work and late nights of team meetings and just feeling wiped out at the end of the day but always feeling joy and peace. I know that you are homesick but I also know that it would be hard to be at home, it weird isn't it? You said you worked with the kids today, what did you do? Well hopefully you ate well tonight. ya! see ya soon.

Brent and Bettye Smith said...

Hey John! Glad you made it safely to Emmanuel. I have been praying for you. Hope you have a good Christmas. Wish I could be there to watch the kids open their gifts. Bettye and I will be there February 20-27. Look forward to finally getting to meet you in person. Take care and God bless!


PS -- If you see Dunia tell her I said hello and that her family here in Georgia love her and miss her very much! Gracias!

PBG said...

Dearest Nephew,

Grandma H passed on your BLOG info to us so we're writing to let you know we love you! So proud of all you are doing to make this world a better are in our prayers and we wish you everything good. Have a Merry Christmas! Let us know if you need anything...
Love, Uncle Rick & Aunt Lisa

Dad said...

Well junior, I remember a time that you didn't listen to me...and you kept hitting your sister with your power ranger sword you got for Christmas. Remember? Then you whacked the neighbor kid so hard he cried for 10 minutes!! So when the kids aren't listening think about that! LOL It comes with time junior and you'll figure it out. I loved the blog about your food! You made me hungry just reading your story. Well I have to got busy on baking some casserole dish for tomorrow. I am glad you are doing good! Keep us posted! Grandma really misses you.


Jensen's said...

Hi John,

I've been trying to post a comment but I forgot my password...Duhhh. I'm so happy you are getting adjusted and having a good time. We had a very nice & busy weekend...aunt Lynn, Nick and his girlfriend were here. It was back and forth to Grandma's for Dinner and of course the dreaded strip tour. We had fun but missed you. Nicky said to say Hi. Everyone is very happy for you and sends there love.
Grandma Hinnie has been tyring to post a comment but is having trouble logging in under an account. I will try to set it up for her so that she can say hello.
Christmas is going to be very quiet. Christy, Pat & I will be going over to Mike & Helena's house for Dinner. For the first time in 25 years I didn't even put up a tree...I know what a Scrooge. Ijust wanted to check in with you and most of all to tell you that your MOM loves you.

I'll post again soon.
Love MOM


Jessica said...

Dear John
Darcie and I are enjoying Jessica's company and getting ready for Jeremiah to come into town. I am on a two week vacation from school and really enjoying the time off. How do they celebrate Christmas there? We miss you but glad you are being used of God in others lives.
God bless you, Ken, Darcie, Jessica