Monday, April 12, 2010

Back to Honduras~

Well i am back in Emmanuel, and took off running. It has been a little hard to get my butt in gear but i think i am about another week away from adjusting to the heat and the fat stuck in my arteries from eating all those double cheese burgers.
I knew that i missed Jenny, but i never realized that i missed her this much! after returning from my vacation i really feel a wall has been broken down in my heat, don’t ask me what it is or what happened, but i feel different. But i guess it could also be that the wedding is only a few months away. CANT WAIT!
And boy did the boys grow over just a few weeks, they all changed a little since i was gone, its crazy how we change so much over time. I am very very excited to be back and that the greenhouse and my chickens are all alive and doing well! OK!! ill write you all later!!!

Friday, April 2, 2010


Dude i gotta say that all these pics people are posting on face book of me are horrible lol. I really need to cut my hair when im down there lol. if ur interested go check them out. I think i look like a total gubber lol