Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Week Recap!

Wow i cant believe that it has already been 4 days since my last post! Sorry yall. I have been very busy and and when i get into my room i just want to go to bed!
But let me bring you up to date on whats been going on!
First of all i have having a great time working and i am beginning to understand what it means to work onto the Lord. Lately i have been feeling very overwhelmed with everything that has been going on in the orphanage. And work seems like there is no end. BUT the truth of the matter is that i have been working in the wrong mind set. I have been working solely for me, but now i get up and say to God i am going to work as hard as i can and as much as i can and then i will retire from the day knowing that i did as much as i could and wont feel like i got nothing accomplished. Its been helping and i feel a lot less stressed.
I think the last post was on Saturday night so...
Sunday- Went to church had a great time worshiping, but the best part was waking up to the church choir and the piano. It is so amazing, ill have to put it on my webcam. then i went into town looked around for a few things but didn't find much. Had lunch and tried to go to bed.
I guess one of the staff had there family come down for Christmas and put them up next to our dorm room. and i don't think the staff member told them that we where right next door to them. So they kept me up until about 1 am lol.
Monday- Went back to work and had a very chill day nothing huge, but leme tell ya this night it was Tylenol PM all the way lol GOOD NIGHT! Didn't hear a thing!
Tuesday- was another chill day, if you call slaughtering 5 pigs chill. I have a few pics and videos i am going to put up. It was crazy, But i got to slaughter and cut up my first pig. It was great. I actually did a great job. Thanks Brandon for all the lessons on cutting up those birds. It helped me out a lot when in came to cutting off the legs and the loins =P
Wednesday- Today, it is a slow morning today is the Honduran Christmas day. So we get to sleep in and relax all morning. I think they are preping us for this afternoon, we are going to feed the kids and then try and have an organized chaos trying to get 400+ kids open there presents.
here is a pic i took yesterday of the day before of the church in the mist.


Jensen's said...

Merry Christmas!!! Patrick, Christy & I-Mom missed having you home. I'm sure your Christmas there will be very special. We had a wonderful dinner at Helena's house lots of crab legs and fish...not the traditional but oh-so-good. We all send our love.

Love, MOM

grandma said...

happy new year tooks!!!
i just got back from church and am scrounging thru the frig for leftovers. first chance i've had to ck the comp. so glad you got my message. lindsey's grdma is comatose now so there is lots of running @ by the girls.i hope jen doesn't have an accident.she still hasn't gotten the pink frm john.theycan't seem to