Sunday, November 22, 2009

Back in Emmanuel

Hey yall back in Emmanuel. And dude is it nice to be back. After an 11 hour buss ride alone, with out my i pod i can honestly say i am not looking forward to the next time i have to do that again.
After looking back on it all, i can say i grew alot. Traveling alone isnt easy it realy makes you have to look at where you are and what you are doing, because your alone, there is no one there to help you out if you get into trouble or make a bad decision.
The realy funny part of the whole vacation was when i went to check out my budget for the last 3 days of my vacation i realized that i had run out of money... SO i had to make some tough decisions. what do i do? i have enough money to get me home but none to eat. I realy was stuck between a rock and a hard place. so i made my decion, i would tottaly pig out on one dinner and would not eat for 3 days. lol so thats what i did. And i gotta tell ya it sucked!!! 3 days without food it tought and escpecially while traveling. Dude and seriously everyone i sat next to was eating the entire time they where on the buss, fried chicken, pizza, yada yada yada. And i was getting so hungery. So i finaly gave up and i spent .50 cents on some fruit and eat it like it was going out of style. I sure all the people next to me thought i was a pig but who cares i was freaking hungery lol. Then when i went to go and buy my ticket to tegus (in honduras) i was short .50 cents. And the guy wouldnt let it slide, so i was like WTH do i do now? so i rip open my bag infront of everyone pour out all my stuff and search every pocket, whole, zipper that i had for .50 cents. And after it was all said and done i didnt find anything and all my stuff was on the floor. and so i said well what do i do know. Well i reach into the pocket of my jeans and pull out my passport, and what falls out... $10 i put in there the other day, i put it there for emegencies but tottaly forgot about it. lol freaking funny. so not only did i get the ticket, i could actualy find a place to stay for the night. cause i was going to sleep outside the station. long story short i tall worked out! thank god! well hope you liek that one. I have so many more stories but so little time to tell them. Well i hope emmanuel will give me back internet soon pray for me. cause thats one thing i would like the most right now. Well ttul!! bye!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Last night in tamarindo

Well i have spent most of this vacation in my room or in the lounge of the hostel. Surf was down and the days went by quick. But forsure if you looking to spend a boat load of money head down to tamarindo. Its a pretty cool place once you get used to the groves of greengos and constant traffic. I am sure i would have had a better time if i where more into the night life but as it stands i realy dont enjoy partying and getting drunk. the beach was awesome, but again a ton of people lol. I leave tomorrow back to honduras ready to get back to work. Ready to see the kids and staff. So hope all are well and sorry i have not been calling alot. Tigo changed there rates and its pretty pricy to call the states anymore.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dude i suck

Has it realy been a month since my last post? Just goes to show you all how busy i have been here at Emmanuel. Seems the only time i ever get to check my email and make up a wuick post is when i am on vacation. Well here i am again, on vacation its been a quick 3 months. In costa rica now, on a beach named Tamarindo. Friends recomended this place to me said it was nice place to stay... they are crazy, this place is off the hook crazy, i have never seen a tourist location so messed up. People are building on top of eachother and tourists and surfers out of the ying yang. Man i should have just gone back to Baliz lol. But other then that this place is cool. Definatly no at beautiful as Rowatan. But on the up up side i got this realy crapy room with nothing but a bed inside so i get plenty of time to read my bible and think of how board i am. Free internet kind of off sets the nedgatives, but i am going to look for a new place for tomorrow, maybe something with cable lol. Well hope yall are good. ill be home in feb. see yall soon! love yall john