Thursday, December 18, 2008

God provides!

So, ya i had a long day today, i was running around and worked right through dinner, so i got to my pad and saw that it was a mess, clothes needed to be washed, the floor need to be mopped the shower needed to be cleaned, and im tired, and hungry! So i do everything that needs to be done, and keep focusing on the fact that God provides and that some time tonight i will have dinner provided for me. So i get into my bed answer a few emails, write a blog or 2 and open my bible to start reading, i figured if i cant fill my stomach i can fill my soul = ). Well time goes on and im about ready to open my buddy's peanut-butter jar and start eating, and then a knocking rattles our door, a head comes around the corner and says " hey are you guys hungry?, Because i have 2 plates of food that need to be eaten if you want them.
"heck ya!" we reply. and every bite of that food was more delicious then the next and I thanked God for ever second of it. And i about cried when i told our buddy how much that meal meant to me. Because, when the day is over and you have had just about all you can handle, a warm dinner does the trick and really energizes you for the next day! Thank you God!!!! now im ready to go to bed, and start tomorrow with a rejuvenated body, mind and soul!
Night everyone!


mdmatias said...

I was reading this blog, and right when you said that you went to bed hungry it made me cry =(..(in front of JoAnne and Lisa Kim). Then I read more, and I got touched when you said that was the best meal that you ever had, that made me look at things differently. You are so amazing John, I am so proud of you, I wish I could be where you are.

I miss you buddy,

The office says hello and be safe!!!

We are all thinking of you!!!


KAE said...

WOW! Thank you so much for keeping us in touch with you and Emmanuel. It feels like you're still with us almost! Isn't it amazinghow good food tastes when you are really hungry? This life of service that you have chosen is going to bless you beyond anything you could ever imagine and I want to thank you for letting me be a part of it. Youi are in my thoughts and prayers daily!!

I got your card from Janie and it was very sweet. Thank you. and thank you for taking time to keep us in touch.

Love, Karen

grandma said...

hi john, i hope this reaches you this time. i read your updates everyday and miss you so much. we are fine here altho the weather is unbelievable. wish you were here for Christmas but know our hearts and love are with you along with our prayers. God bless my son,