Sunday, February 15, 2009

New pics

Hey everyone!

Sorry for the delay!! the week has been full of fun and adventure!! the group from TN arived last week and the new male vol. house is being built! it is 1 week away from colpletion i am so stoked ill post pics asap! But back to God and what he has been teaching me. I recently read the story of Martha and Mary! And how many times we as Christians get so cought up with work we forget the be with Jesus. And its that our many goal? Its that what we all strive for is a relationship with him.
So i have realy been applying that thinking to my work and my life. And what a change it has made. I have had 3 awesome days and nothing has realy changed except my heart and attitude about everything that i do. it is amayzing to see that change in my self and it being reflected to the kids! I really enjoy the time that i have spent with them all and thank the Lord for that as well! More over i have found more great new friends Jack, who lives in No. Cal and man he looks liek jack sparrow he has dered locks and a shaggy beard and walks funny, but has the love of Christ in him! and he sings like john mayer as well its crazy this guy is cool. And my other new friend Cory, just a young guy after Gods own heart. This kid thinks and lives in the spirit. Goofy lookin dude =P J/K but hes awesome and thank the Lord for him!!! Other then that all is well here in Honduras!! love yall!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

No title

Couldnt think up a title for this blog today. I am really conflicted right now. I cant seem to get a grip on my mind. I have so many feelings and thoughts i have no way to explain. Many of you know how complicated i am. And I think lack of prayer and rest is taking its tole lol. So i am getting as much rest today as i can!
I hope yall are doing well. Miss yall mucho and thinking about everyone all the time!

Its hard to even write because i have so much in my head! i am going to journal tonight and get some of this out of me. I thinks its been long over due for me to pour my heart on to a piece of paper. I usually write God often but haven't lately.

Am as far as pics go i dont know what to say. I want to put my pics online but its so slow here its hard! I dont have the time to do it lol. Maybe ill burn a Cd for someone in the states to upload to a flicker account.

things on a whole have been going really well! We are preparing for this huge group that is coming down in a week. over 100 people in this group! And its funny to see the staff getting all pumped up for them to come. LOL its funny ill take pics of the team at work! should be awesome!

But i am glad to write you all! i hate not being able to update the blog often! And MOM! can you please get me joeys number!! i don't have it! And make sure they are checking my blog i know they have internet!
Ok well i gotta run! miss and love you all
Love and Peace

PS if someone could tell everyone @ Sandals i said hello that would be awesome!!!