Sunday, January 25, 2009

Huge cockroach! and Staff position

Hey yall!
So i was sleeping last night and got up cuase my noisy neighbors would not go to sleep and i noticed something on the floor and it was a huge cockroach. So i had nothing to kill it with is i grabbed my charger for my laptop and hit it a few times and it started chasing me around the room. I thought it was going to eat my foot. and i jumped off my bed and body slammed it and smashed it all to heck! and it was something like you saw on Men in Black! white guts and broken legs everywhere! it was a mes to clean up in the morning!

But on an up note! I was asked to come to staff meeting today! and that i will be a staff member from now on! Very cool!!! Its not often people become a staff member! I feel God is really blessing my time here!

Hope i didn't grows all out to much!!!! Have a good Monday!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

No internet!

So its been about 2 weeks without internet and i have 120 new emails!! lol junk mail is horrible.
Well let me fill you in on whats been going on.
For starters life is great here at Emmanuel. The Kids are awesome and hope to soon know all there names (in the older boys section of emmanuel), ill be a name memorizing fiend when yall see me next.

and i have started working with the horses on the farm and its been really cool i get to teach about Jesus and handle horses. but even better!!! I got my first tick!!! It was so weird see that little thing stuck to me leg lol. freaked me out at first! Then i ripped it out and smashed it lol!

i got to go to Catacamous, thats about 2 hours south of emmanuel to register a kid for school. Man that was an adventure lol. Me and 2 Honduran kids trying to get around different towns and buses lol to cool. we about missed our buss back home. we where running like mad men through the streets to get the station. lol the reason we where late was wWe had to sit in a clinic for 4 hours for a 10 second interview of the kids health records, i read an entire book sitting there lol. My Spanish is getting better, and i can understand a lot now thank you Lord!

the male volunteer house is about 1 month from completion. heck ya! cant wait!

Leo and Lauren from my church are hear and they really boosted me spirits! i was very excited to see them arrive!

Day by day i am gaining new responsibilities at emmanuel and with the kids. I now have 3 boys working for me full time and sub for a staff member, when ever hes out of town. which means i run his house for him. He has about 15 kids, they all are very awesome, a little on the immature side but good kids.

Other then take all is well! i started growing my beard and haven't cut my hair for about a month so im looking extra hot. I have the worst farmers tan you have ever seen, its actually kind of embarrassing lol but its cool ill get over it! And a blister the size of texas on my big toe lol.

Keep praying for me yall! I need all the prayer i can get! Love yall! miss you all 2

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What to buy from Itunes!

Dude, Sandals church hooked it up! $15 gift card for Itunes. But what to buy? i don't know i cant decide! I am looking at a movie... but i really don't watch movies, then again it would be nice to have a good movie on my ipod lol. Oh well, decisions decisions.
Reading the comments i see life is moving on! I am glad to hear that you all are doing well!

Today after a morning of work, i got to hang out with the kids in the gym, and we played 3 hours of basketball. Man was i beat, i have never ran so much in my life. But these kids just don’t quit, and they are pretty good lol. i had to bust out some old school moves just to keep up = P.

then we had a going away party!! = ( sad because most of the other volunteers are going to be leaving Friday. School is starting so everyone bails! Figures!!

And now i am hear tired and ready to go to bed! But, God is showing him self to me more and more each day, at a bible study we had, we spoke about many things, but 1 thing in particular was Gods ability to use us at any time. and the main subject was when God wakes you up in the middle of the night, and you should pray for what ever is on your heart. An my friend and i have been putting this into practice, and Man i wake up 2 or 3 times a night with someone God has put on my heart. and it has been so amazing. To see that no matter how many times i wake up and pray, i get up in the morning and feel great.
One thing David (the owner of the orphanage) said was, "how can God trust you to be diligent for praying for people in the day if he cant use/trust you at night. Because it is not easy to pray at night, and the fruit of the spirit really shines when you deny your flesh and surrender to him in this way. So during the day i have been seeing many new things and the spirit has been convicting me in many different ways. Very awesome to see such work being done in my life. Well that’s all i had to share! good night yall!! Love you very much!!!

*and if you want to send me something let God put my needs in your heart! Pray about it = ) He knows that i need better then i do.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Idea... God is this you? Or is this just me?

Ok, so i have been working with the Kids for a little over a month now, and seeing the potential in these kids i believe that God has really put a great idea on my heart, which i will present to the staff next week.

The idea is, Team building and leadership development. Many of these kids have no idea what it is to be on a team. Sure, the have been on a soccer team for a month, and from what i have herd they loved being on a team...
So God has really put on my heart, to start a team of about 20 kids and teach them about accountability, team work (in regards to working on the ground of the orphanage, school work and studies, team sports, and God), leadership and friendship.

The biggest problem i see in these kids is that they have no structure or accountability, they play really well in groups when it comes to sports, they work together they build each other up and so on. But off the field they lose that. So my goal is to create that environment all the time. So wish me luck as i start this new side project!
OH! And good news! the new male volunteer house should be done in February! YAY! cant wait!
Ill try and get some pics of my self soon! i have lost some weight and gained some muscle! =P that what you get when you eat beans and rice, walk all day long, and work on a farm lol

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

time to share

Hey just a little shout out before i start my story. I made a really good friend here at Emmanuel. He is a full time volunteer that grew up here at the orphanage. He is an orphan and works very hard here at Emmanuel and God gave me a heart to get to know him and after i spoke with him i realized that he is almost def and the hearing aids he has aren't very good. So if anyone has a contact that might be able to get some hearing aids at a reduced price please pass along the info. So i can try and work out getting this kid a new pair of hearing aids. Thanks!! (anything helps)

Well i have been very eager to share with the kids lately and prayed the God that when the time was right i would share with the kids during bible study. Well today was the day.
and it was quite sudden. Wade (the man that is dicipiling me) asked if i would like to share anything, so i said of course not knowing what i should share. So after some thought and prayer God laid on my heart that i should share about my recent victory with cleaning out this huge garage that i wok out of. Now to give you some incite to this garage it was the dumping grounds for just about everything Emmanuel has extras of after a building is complete or a project is finished. a quick inventory of what i found in there was 5 pallets of tile strung all over the place 2 of which where junk and i gave it away or trashed it. 24 toilets, 30 metal sinks, 20 ceramic bathroom sinks, 4 entire counter tops, sinks included, enough pvc to cover all of Emmanuel twice, and nails, screws, extra parts to things i have never seen before lol. It took me a month to organize and clean the darn thing. OH DANG I FORGOT TO CLOSE THE GARAGE DOOR BRB.......
Few, it all was still there lol writing this made me remember i forgot to close the door before i went into church today.
ok where was i...
ok so what i said to the kids was this garage, before i arrived at Emmanuel, is like anyone who doesn't have God in there life, It looks bad it smells bad and when you don't have Jesus in your life that is what happens.
you begin to fill the space with things, useless things, and clutter your self with broken and disorderly thoughts and memories.
And when you put God in your life all those things begin to find a place and or thrown out all together, god begins to clean up and sort out the broken pieces of your life and make them new again. And i went back and forth about what the garage has to do with the kids at Emmanuel and altogether i felt very good about sharing and happy that God waited until i was finished with it. because yesterday we put the finishing touches on the garage and now its looking real good. So ya God!!! = )

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Want to send me a letter or package?

Hey Yall!
for everyone that wants to send me a little something here is the address you need to send the package or letter to, maybe yall can figure out how to get me some In and Out,
Orphanage Emmanuel
For John Perez
C/O Dr, Don R. Reynolds
4611 Hixson Pike
Hixson, TN 37343

The package is being sent to him, and will be up on a container with other mail and things sent to Emmanuel every month = )

And here is a pic the others are taking forever to load and i gave up lol

Live From Emmanuel

Monday, January 5, 2009

more Christmas Photos

Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 2 into a new year and its already moving too fast!

Thank you all fro the comments!
Karen, sounds like you have a wonderful Christmas! I want some pics of Lee, if you got any! =P
Thanks Daniel, missin yall!!!!!
Dad, Grandma thank you and ill be looking forward to the chicken! And ill get u an address to forward stuff to me.
And for everyones knowledge i am only like 1 hour ahead of yall in cali, so call me any time after 6 pm, your time and i should be able to talk. Dad should have my number = )

Well new years was awesome! I feel so spoiled, i have had a hot dinner for 5 or 6 nights in a row! I can get used to this kind of thing.
The fireworks where nuts lol, it sounded like a war zone out in the town. and smoke filled the valleys as the fire crackers went off.

Had a ton of fun with the other volunteers and cant wait to get back to work though.

Yesterday, the 1st, we had church in the morning, and then we took out 2 inflatable pools for the little kids and played some games with them, very fun! even if i did cut my foot on a rock, and got tackled by 5 kids and thrown into a pool. then later on in the night we all went to church for the night worship service.
And i am beginning to feel what these orphans feel on a weekly basis. As the service came to an end, i hugged all those volunteers that will be leaving in a week or two and couldn't help but shed a tear because i have grown such a great relationships with these people and they will leave this place and ill probably never get to see them again. And i cant imagine how these kids deal with volunteers coming and going, i guess ill have to figure it out for my self.
But until then ill embrace every moment with my new friends here at Emmanuel.