Monday, December 15, 2008

Emmanuel, a different view a diffrenet feel

As i lay in my bunk, i look back on my last visit here an it seems all to familiar in the sense of the kids and staff, but David was right when he said that coming in a group is like a vacation. Because there is a ton of work that we don't see going on every day.

It is a blessed life, to work and to live at Emmanuel but moreover it is a very hard life. Looking deeper into what God has put before me, there is a lot of things that i don't know about full time ministry. The selfless dedication and the endless hours of work and patience. And the hart to know that this is for Him, today i prayed very hard for God to give me the strength to keep working, and to keep my mind focused on him and not my self. It is exactly like David had said it would be. hard work but very rewarding = ).

I love being here and being apart of Gods work here, I cant believe i get to wake up to this every day. It is so awesome to know that if i wanted to i could spend my life here.

Now here are the little things that i miss:
A hot shower, we don't have a water heater in this place = (
Dunias cooking, beans and tortillas (i eat with the kids everyday), yummy = P
everyone at home
Sandals church
but other then that everything here is awesome = )
Well until my next update!
Love and Peace everyone!