Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Time!

Very cool to see all those kids so darn happy to get presents, it was hard being away from home and not easy to see all those presents and not want to jump into them like Scrooge McDuck would do in his money vault.
but it wasnt all that bad = )
I was happy not having to see the commercial end of Christmas. But i do miss Grandmas cooking!!! Man what i wouldn't give for some of that chicken curry she makes!! Well i hope everyone had a blessed holiday and that everyone has a safe new year = ). But the best part of my new year is i get to plan the party!!!!!!! YAY!!!! Where are some pics of what went down on Christmas day! And of a family i really like here and a group of volunteers i really like as well.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Week Recap!

Wow i cant believe that it has already been 4 days since my last post! Sorry yall. I have been very busy and and when i get into my room i just want to go to bed!
But let me bring you up to date on whats been going on!
First of all i have having a great time working and i am beginning to understand what it means to work onto the Lord. Lately i have been feeling very overwhelmed with everything that has been going on in the orphanage. And work seems like there is no end. BUT the truth of the matter is that i have been working in the wrong mind set. I have been working solely for me, but now i get up and say to God i am going to work as hard as i can and as much as i can and then i will retire from the day knowing that i did as much as i could and wont feel like i got nothing accomplished. Its been helping and i feel a lot less stressed.
I think the last post was on Saturday night so...
Sunday- Went to church had a great time worshiping, but the best part was waking up to the church choir and the piano. It is so amazing, ill have to put it on my webcam. then i went into town looked around for a few things but didn't find much. Had lunch and tried to go to bed.
I guess one of the staff had there family come down for Christmas and put them up next to our dorm room. and i don't think the staff member told them that we where right next door to them. So they kept me up until about 1 am lol.
Monday- Went back to work and had a very chill day nothing huge, but leme tell ya this night it was Tylenol PM all the way lol GOOD NIGHT! Didn't hear a thing!
Tuesday- was another chill day, if you call slaughtering 5 pigs chill. I have a few pics and videos i am going to put up. It was crazy, But i got to slaughter and cut up my first pig. It was great. I actually did a great job. Thanks Brandon for all the lessons on cutting up those birds. It helped me out a lot when in came to cutting off the legs and the loins =P
Wednesday- Today, it is a slow morning today is the Honduran Christmas day. So we get to sleep in and relax all morning. I think they are preping us for this afternoon, we are going to feed the kids and then try and have an organized chaos trying to get 400+ kids open there presents.
here is a pic i took yesterday of the day before of the church in the mist.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Thank you all for the comments, I feel the love!

Hey everyone! just wanted to say thank you for teh comments you write. You have no idea how it makes me feel, i am stoked to look on my blog and see that you all are reading it. It warms my heart and puts a smile on my face!
thank you mom and Dad for you comments as well, i love you and miss you and hope to see you soon!

More over, today was an awesome day, I had my first opportunity to work with the kids alone, and although they really didn't listen to me, i think it was cool to practice my Spanish and try to get them to work, lol. tomorrow should be a nice day. and i hope to get some much needed rest and hang out with the kids out side of work.

love you all!!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

God provides!

So, ya i had a long day today, i was running around and worked right through dinner, so i got to my pad and saw that it was a mess, clothes needed to be washed, the floor need to be mopped the shower needed to be cleaned, and im tired, and hungry! So i do everything that needs to be done, and keep focusing on the fact that God provides and that some time tonight i will have dinner provided for me. So i get into my bed answer a few emails, write a blog or 2 and open my bible to start reading, i figured if i cant fill my stomach i can fill my soul = ). Well time goes on and im about ready to open my buddy's peanut-butter jar and start eating, and then a knocking rattles our door, a head comes around the corner and says " hey are you guys hungry?, Because i have 2 plates of food that need to be eaten if you want them.
"heck ya!" we reply. and every bite of that food was more delicious then the next and I thanked God for ever second of it. And i about cried when i told our buddy how much that meal meant to me. Because, when the day is over and you have had just about all you can handle, a warm dinner does the trick and really energizes you for the next day! Thank you God!!!! now im ready to go to bed, and start tomorrow with a rejuvenated body, mind and soul!
Night everyone!

Pictures of chrch service last night

Hey here is the church service that moved me to tears last night. It was so awesome! God was everywhere i actually looked over my shoulder a few times because i could feel him standing behind me listening to all of us. (to put this in perspective, this night was a bible study that Emmanuel has that really opens your heart and enables God to step inside your heart, it was so awesome)

Home sick already? Impressive!

Well as i lay in my bunk and check my emails, and ready about whats going on back home i cant feel like i am so distant from everything that is happening. I have never felt like this before i guess the realization of my commitment has just hit my heart and my head. I feel that piece of home missing from me, i look at my grandmothers picture she painted for me and i feel a little more at home.
Its really different here then i expected, its a little harder then i had estimated and God is bending me a lot more then i have anticipated as well.
But i must move forward i cant get suck here feeling like this, what good what that do for me or my new family here in Honduras.
Every day must be a new adventure and i must rely more on Jesus strength every day.
I hope everyone is doing fine back at home and i hope that everyone misses me as much as i miss them. I had a huge break through last night at church and I feel to me knees weeping and thanking God for all of you, and thanking God for everyone he has put in my life, that has brought me to this point. Its a hard realization but Gods work is not for the faint of heart. So i must push forward, i must move on and remember that God is bigger then this and he wants to make me happy so i will give all i have to please him and pray for the best.
Miss you all very much

Monday, December 15, 2008

Emmanuel, a different view a diffrenet feel

As i lay in my bunk, i look back on my last visit here an it seems all to familiar in the sense of the kids and staff, but David was right when he said that coming in a group is like a vacation. Because there is a ton of work that we don't see going on every day.

It is a blessed life, to work and to live at Emmanuel but moreover it is a very hard life. Looking deeper into what God has put before me, there is a lot of things that i don't know about full time ministry. The selfless dedication and the endless hours of work and patience. And the hart to know that this is for Him, today i prayed very hard for God to give me the strength to keep working, and to keep my mind focused on him and not my self. It is exactly like David had said it would be. hard work but very rewarding = ).

I love being here and being apart of Gods work here, I cant believe i get to wake up to this every day. It is so awesome to know that if i wanted to i could spend my life here.

Now here are the little things that i miss:
A hot shower, we don't have a water heater in this place = (
Dunias cooking, beans and tortillas (i eat with the kids everyday), yummy = P
everyone at home
Sandals church
but other then that everything here is awesome = )
Well until my next update!
Love and Peace everyone!

Update 2

This is just a quick view around my new pad = P

Friday, December 12, 2008


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Honduras pics

Hey everyone! Thank you for checking out my Blog! this will be the new way that i will be updating everyone and letting yall know what i am up to while i am in Honduras. And you can check out my face book for my Video blogs as well. Which will be coming soon, i need to get a web cam first.
So it is one day from take off and i am so excited! everything is almost all packed! i still feel like i am forgetting something important lol.

I hate that feeling, i have done trips like this before and every time i feel like this, but i have to trust that if i leave it behind it was for a reason! Lets hope its not my socks or my toothbrush. To give you all an idea what Honduras is like i have posted some picks above for you to check out so take a look. these where taken from the last time i have there in August.

And the web site for OE (orphanage Emmanuel) is