Tuesday, January 13, 2009

New Idea... God is this you? Or is this just me?

Ok, so i have been working with the Kids for a little over a month now, and seeing the potential in these kids i believe that God has really put a great idea on my heart, which i will present to the staff next week.

The idea is, Team building and leadership development. Many of these kids have no idea what it is to be on a team. Sure, the have been on a soccer team for a month, and from what i have herd they loved being on a team...
So God has really put on my heart, to start a team of about 20 kids and teach them about accountability, team work (in regards to working on the ground of the orphanage, school work and studies, team sports, and God), leadership and friendship.

The biggest problem i see in these kids is that they have no structure or accountability, they play really well in groups when it comes to sports, they work together they build each other up and so on. But off the field they lose that. So my goal is to create that environment all the time. So wish me luck as i start this new side project!
OH! And good news! the new male volunteer house should be done in February! YAY! cant wait!
Ill try and get some pics of my self soon! i have lost some weight and gained some muscle! =P that what you get when you eat beans and rice, walk all day long, and work on a farm lol


Dad said...

Yeah, I want to see some of those GQ photos? Have you grown a beard yet? Those kids will follow you Junior. Just set the table and they will come to eat. (you like that one?) Let me know your progress!! We miss ya and Mendota wasn't the same without you! Shawn Murphy asks about you all the time. I sent them your blog so they should start leaving you a note every now and then! Take care buddy! I am glad you are enjoying what you are doing!

grandma said...

hi my tooks, i can't imagine you with a bveard, oh well. so that is where i failed, u worked on the farm but i didn't feed u just beans and rice. the rice yes, but the beans not so much. u do sound as tho u are enjoying ur work there. awesome. lisa asked what u need. miss u so,lol

grandma said...

post note, i forgot, moses from ATT called said the # i gave was a cell phone and he is working to get rite server for that, it would take about a week. this internatioal service is new i guess and they are still perfecting it. lol

Jensen's said...

You have the organizing gene...that comes from me...reign them in! Sounds like you are have way too much fun. CES show is finally over and I'm beat. The first few days are really exciting but it fades quickly. Patrick is off to California to pick up his Westfalia VW Bus...just like the last one I made him sell...well the jokes on luxury camping is in store for me:-( Christy is doing well, still working and getting along well with Ryan. Aunt Lucy is moving at the end of the month back to the Rubio Ranch. Everything else is good...thank GOD. Take some more pictures of the landscape and you of course. I sure hope patrick and I can visit you this spring. Take care and I love you.


Nadia Marie said...

Hey there! That sounds like a wonderful goal!! I will keep you and your hopefully new project in prayer =)

Jensen's said...

Hi Honey,
I'm sending you a care package. Some new shirts and some junk food. Hope it arrives sooner than later.



mdmatias said...


I am tried to call you many times, but I am not getting through =( Please call me soon!!

Take care and be safe!!!

Everyone says hello


Honduran John said...

No GQ lol maybe dirty jeans, crazy hair and beat up t shirt lol = )

And yes beans and rice, but i think i have had my share here so when i get home i never want to see another bean again lol

Cool!! VW Buss rock on!! Send some pics lol =P glad yal got it, and dont worry about camping in style, Its all about roughing it! whats the fun in having a lighter, when you can be like survivor man!!!