Saturday, January 23, 2010

I did IT!

OK! So i asked Jenny to marry me yesterday and she said YES! To cool! Thought i would let yall know that i am going to get married some time in July. YAY!


Cristin said...

Congratulations John! I'm happy for you.

Laura K. Moore said...

hi john! i'm a friend of yours on facebook and just saw that you are engaged! i can't remember how i came to be your friend on facebook. i'm a missionary kid from the philippines and went to CBU...ANYWAYS, i am a photographer and was interested in seeing if you guys needed a photographer and/or videographer for your wedding?! my husband and i own a video production and photography company called JUXTAPOSE L.L.C. we have a few bookings still left for july and just thought i'd put the word out! you can check us out at for our blog-site. (our website is under construction) and my photography site is you are welcome to call me for more info at 951.756.2960

~Becca~ said...

What?!?! That's awesome! Yay for John!