Saturday, January 23, 2010

I did IT!

OK! So i asked Jenny to marry me yesterday and she said YES! To cool! Thought i would let yall know that i am going to get married some time in July. YAY!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

More on the way!

Hey yall i have a bunch of stories on my laptop but i dont get internet and i dont have a jump drive to put them on so what i get in the states ill make shure to put up pics and stories!!

Taking the Dive!

So last week i was praying about me and Jenny. And i pretty much gave God the relationship. I knew that if this was "Gods will" that we would put us together. I basically said that i dont have the money for anything such as rings, tux, dress, and wedding, and neither does Jenny. And that he would have to take care of us. So what happens the very next day? A volunteer comes up to me out of know where and hands me $100.00 and says that good put it on his heart to give me that money. I could not believe it, this wasn't the first time this has happened to me but what an awesome God we have... or so i thought. Then the next day... I was talking with another Volunteer about jenny and I, and told him how much i love her and i want to merry her. And then i asked him about his wife, and after that we moved on to others conversations. And then that afternoon he asked me if i wanted to marry Jenny, and i said yes i do, and proceeded to tell him about my prayer and then he says "well i have a surprise for you."
I said "what?"
"i was praying today and God told me to give this to you"
"what is it?"
And he pulls out of his pocket 2 rings...
The volunteer told me "God told me to give these to you."
"where did you get them?"
And he holds up his finger and says "this one is my wife's wedding ring, and this one is mine."
I was dumbfounded, all i could do was laugh, I was so happy. God came through, and not only with just a little, but BIG TIME and he gave my priceless rings that money could not buy and with a story that will live with me forever.
And not only that... the hundred bucks i was talking about... YA God provided the money to get the rings sized as well.
And then yesterday i went up to Davids house told him the story and asked for Jennies hand in marriage. And after a 45 second wait from him, that seemed like 10 years, he said YES!!!!!
So jenny and I will be getting hitched, but i have asked her yet, although i know she will say yes =) I am planning the engagement party now.
You all are welcome to shar the good news!!!
Love yall!