Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dude i suck

Has it realy been a month since my last post? Just goes to show you all how busy i have been here at Emmanuel. Seems the only time i ever get to check my email and make up a wuick post is when i am on vacation. Well here i am again, on vacation its been a quick 3 months. In costa rica now, on a beach named Tamarindo. Friends recomended this place to me said it was nice place to stay... they are crazy, this place is off the hook crazy, i have never seen a tourist location so messed up. People are building on top of eachother and tourists and surfers out of the ying yang. Man i should have just gone back to Baliz lol. But other then that this place is cool. Definatly no at beautiful as Rowatan. But on the up up side i got this realy crapy room with nothing but a bed inside so i get plenty of time to read my bible and think of how board i am. Free internet kind of off sets the nedgatives, but i am going to look for a new place for tomorrow, maybe something with cable lol. Well hope yall are good. ill be home in feb. see yall soon! love yall john