Monday, October 19, 2009

Hey everyone!

Well here in an internet cafe just wanted to give you all an update on everything that has been going on in the life of John. Everything here is great.

It has been a roller coaster ride with God. I realy have been looking for who God is and how i can love him more then i already do. Many times your love is so one sided. And when i look at my realtionship with God i see that many times i am so self centered. And that deffinatly effects my walk with him and with outhers. Mainly the children. Since that realization i have realy been looking for more insperation in the word of God and he has been showing me just how selfish i have been. It has been a very eye opening experiance. Once i opened my eyes and realy sought after God i seem to be able to remeber scripture better and am able to talk about him more and see God moving in big and little things in my life. My worry and fear are slowly fading and i am able to see God for who he realy is.

The kids here have been super helpfull and very patient with my spanish. I have been realy trying to speak properly and it is helping me out a lot. No realy stories to share right now, but i did fall off a horse that went crazy and took off on me and tried to run my into a tree, and i also fell into a septic lagon and lost my $200 radio in there and a kid jumped in after it for me and recued it for me. And it still worked, But let me tell you it was a act of bravery i have never seen before lol that lagon is not a nice place to be near especialy in lol. So you know hes my new fav kid here and i bought him a huge pepsi and chips lol. But thats about it! talk to you all soon! love yall!


lovenene said...

Hi!!! im so sorry its taking me so long to find you, i got the blog from you dad. im so happy for you i hope that you get this? i dont know any other way to email you? are you on facebook? let me know if you do and i will catch you up on stuff