Sunday, June 21, 2009

MY new ride

This is my new ride that i am using for the time being, beats walking everywhere. But its broken right now hope to have it fixed soon so i can get back on it again. Its a ton of fun to ride around lol


Anonymous said...

Okay, that is seriously awesome.

mdmatias said...


Dad said...

Hey buddy...I hope you are feeling lots better. The flu can be a real drag. Cash is real sick and tomorrow we are putting him down. I feel terrible about the whole thing. I wish you were here. I am happy to read that things are going good. You will have to update me on your romance situation. Seems you have a fan club back here and they all want to know if you are still single. I hope the political unrest has subsided by now. Grandpa was ready to send in the navy seals to get you out. I love you buddy and I miss you. Love dad

Jensen's said...

Hi's MOM! I've been trying to call you for the past 2 weeks. Christy was at Hinny's house over the weekend and Hinny stated you were sick or home sick she wasn't sure which I hope your feeling ok now. Patrick & I took a 3 week road trip and it was a blast. The Oregon coast is so beautiful. I've become a new kind of chef...I can cook a mean dinner with everything wrapped in foil over a few hot wood coals. Now it's time to get back to work. I'm hoping something turns up soon I'm going stir crazy being at home. Everyone else is doing great. As they say no news is good news. I love your new bike cart that is super cool! It's needs a flame So what is up with the romance situation your dad speaks of??????? Please call me when you get a chance. I love and miss you so very much

Jensen's said...'s Mom again. How are you? I'm so sorry I didn't get to talk to you for long the last time you called. It seems you are having trouble making or receiving phone calls. Grandma Hinny has been trying to call you as well. She is getting very concerned. If you get a chance, please call her or email her directly. Everyone is fine at home. Christy says HI! Need to know if you are coming home in late August or September. Your Grandma, Dad & I would love to see you again. We will pull together to purchase your ticket. Please call Grandma or me if you get a chance.

Love You,