Sunday, June 21, 2009

Just a quick hello

Well this last message was written some time again it has been a few weeks since I wrote that. The internet has been acting up and I haven’t been able to post a single thing lol. But like me last message said I am doing well and could not ask for anything better. I feel a little tired today only because I have been fighting off the flu for the last week.
On another report, I just finished a new project last week. What we where doing was laying down new grass in a park. It was a huge job but we got it all done, we had some officials from the Honduras government helping us out with a dump truck full of grass and dirt to spread out and lay down. 4 boys, 9 girls and some Honduran jimmy rigged tools lol. It was a muddy mess for 5 days but we got it done.
That’s about it for now ill report back to yall soon!
Love yall!