Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Snake its a snakkkeeee

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LOL dude this kid loves snakes!!!! His name is Noel!
He is the Kid of the week.
Noel, we a miracle in my eyes, because i have been working with him for about a year now. And when i first started working with him, no one could get him to do anything. But with the love and patience of the Lord i finally got him to smile and then he began to work and now, his is one of my best workers. Right now he is in trouble with another staff member but still my favorite little worker. He is very trustworthy and wants to learn all he can about the farm.
He has a sister here that helps out staff members with their children. And she too is just at stubborn as him. Guess it runs in the family. I don't know very much about his past. He doesn't talk about it much. But i can tell that much has passed in his life and he needs a ton of love and friendship. So he was my first to write about, and let you all see that these kids are very real and all have good and bad points in their life and need our love and prayer. So pray for Noel this week. Pray that God would teach him that respect is very important and to learn to ask for forgiveness. love yall, and next week will be another new boy for you to see and read about.

Rain days

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Hey everyone! Dude did we get some rain this last week. It was a huge change from the constant sun we have had. As you can see this lagoon we have is overflowing with water to the point it is spilling over the side. The grass is growing uncontrollable, so for the next few months i can expect an extra portion of machete and lawn mowing.
But the house is still chaos, holes everywhere and the kitchen is the worst of them all. But we are getting along.
Well, ill send some more pics soon keep checking back!

Saturday, June 5, 2010


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Dude this is my friend Bob. He decided to stay over last night... in my work boot. Now he might seem like a small fellow, but hes must weigh 10 pounds lol this is one of the biggest frogs i have seen at my house. Freaked me out to put my shoe on and have him start freaking out, i tossed my shoe off the porch and about had a heart attack. Imagine, your cup of coffee in your hand, about to slip on your shoes and BAM! attack of the frog! well thought it was cool and wanted to share!