Sunday, March 15, 2009

Dude i have internet?

Totally radical! i just got internet at my house! I can finally read my emails and chat on the web!! YAY i am soooo stoked! Ok so lets get down to business!

First! everything is going well here at Emmanuel. Every day i am beginning to see why God has me here. I have such an awesome relationship with the boys now and I am beginning to see who they really are. Its cool to see that part of there lives, which ones have bad attitudes all the time, which are the helpers, and the leaders and so on. I have learned all there names which has taken me 3 months but i think i have them all down!

Second! I have been in much prayer lately and see that i know where my home is after all. What it comes down to is that I have no home except the one that Jesus has for me when i go home to him. I don't desire to own a home in the states or anywhere for that matter. I don't desire to live or work for an earthly boss. I want to work for God, and i believe that where ever i go i will have a place to lay my head at night, and have food in my stomach "i have seem many things sent from God, and i know that he loves us more then we will ever know, and God doesn't provide the bear minimum but the very best, i will make a movie about this in a few minutes to show you what God provides for those who live for him." And that life isn't about what you have here on earth, its hard to understand that and i know that many of you will say that it is lunacy, but i believe in a big God that knows every hear on my head and will never forsake me or let me go. So I know that where ever i God with God i will be working for him from know on. What ever i do and, where ever i go I will be totally sold out for him. Something i wish everyone would feel and know in there heart.

Third- I want to say thank you everyone who has left a comment and had me in there thoughts!! It means a lot to me being so far way and that people are interested in my life and want to know how things are going and what i am up to. I want to send a shout out to my family for there support and love! What an awesome blessing that is! thanks a ton!!! miss you all! love you all!!!!! and sorry for my spelling in my blogs i write these very fast and don't get to spell check very much not that it really matters my spelling is not that great anyways lol = )
love you all!


KAE said...

I am soooo happy for you!!!

You have not yet told me what you want for your birthday get what you get and I hope you like it. I'm running out the door now to shop and drop some things with Cristin to bring with her.

Love and miss you but happy for you too.

Love, Karen

James said...

Hi John! I'm praying for you! Keep up the good work.

Teresa Sheets

Dad said...



grandma said...

hi my tooks!!!!HAPPY BIRTHDAY I WISH I HAD AN address for mail for you i saw that lucy said she had sent you some cookies, how did she do that???? did you get your package yet via the ship? i miss you so much. imade chix curry a couple of days ago and couldn't get u out of my head. hope u are well sounds like u r happy. lol meanslots of love to me. grandma

Dad said...

Junior is this address still good to send things to you?
Orphanage Emmanuel
c/o Dr. Don Reynolds
4611 Hixon Pike
Hixson TN 37343

Honduran John said...

Hey everyone! thanks for the Present Karen!!1 The Shirts where awesome and the best thing was the Candy as well!! Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Teresa!!! Miss you sooo much! Hows business for u lately?

Hey Grandma!!!!!!!!! MISS YOU LOTSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! how about this you can send me the recipe for the chicken curry!!! and i can make it here! it wont be the same but ill be thinking of you!! havnt got the container yet it should be here in a week! and my email address is

Hey DAD!!! Thanks the the happy birthday wish!! Miss you lots! and yes that address is good!
miss you all
lots of love

Dad said...

AWESOME!!! We have a gift on the way to you!! The chicken curry might look like beef jerky by the time it gets to you! I told Grandma to make the curry and I would seal-a-meal it to you and I said I would. I ate it and replaced it with beef jerky but you were always good a pretending so tell her it was just like home!

Love ya buddy!

Christy said...

Hi John,

Happy Birthday!!!!! The other day i wrote you this reaaaaalllly long comment and then it told me i had to sign in at the end but i didnt remember my log in and password so i gave up....sorry. lol. but i created a new one!!.. Anyway i know your doing great though so i dont worry about you being miserable or anything. Dad and Mom are lucky to have us a kids cause were awesome! LOL come home soon!! or im sending in the military....

Jensen's said...

Happy Birthday too you...Happy Birthday toooo youuuu...Happy Birthday my Dear John-a-than...Happy B day tooooooo youuuu.
I've tried calling you a couple of times but it didn't go through. I hope you are having an awesome day! Are they doing anything special for you? I sure hope so. Patrick & I are doing great. My last day of work was 3/20 but... it looks like I won't be out of work for more than a week. I have a promising new job on the line...darn! I was hoping for a little time off....oh well I guess I can't complain. Please call me if you get a chance. I miss you and I love you lots.
P.S. let me know if you need anything from home.

Love ya, MOM & PAT

~Becca~ said...

I know in Honduras it's no longer your b-day but I still have about 20 minutes here so HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I miss you lots!