Sunday, June 21, 2009

MY new ride

This is my new ride that i am using for the time being, beats walking everywhere. But its broken right now hope to have it fixed soon so i can get back on it again. Its a ton of fun to ride around lol

Just a quick hello

Well this last message was written some time again it has been a few weeks since I wrote that. The internet has been acting up and I haven’t been able to post a single thing lol. But like me last message said I am doing well and could not ask for anything better. I feel a little tired today only because I have been fighting off the flu for the last week.
On another report, I just finished a new project last week. What we where doing was laying down new grass in a park. It was a huge job but we got it all done, we had some officials from the Honduras government helping us out with a dump truck full of grass and dirt to spread out and lay down. 4 boys, 9 girls and some Honduran jimmy rigged tools lol. It was a muddy mess for 5 days but we got it done.
That’s about it for now ill report back to yall soon!
Love yall!

Old update, new update? same difference!

Hey everyone, sorry it has taken me so long to write but life never stops here at Emmanuel. I come back to my room after a long days work and find myself doing everything to avoid this computer lol.
But I have to say it is reliving to write you all what has been going on these last few weeks.
Lets start with my trip into Tegus. While we are all sitting on the plane getting ready to land the captain comes in on the over head and starts talking about our decent into Tegus, well I have done this a few times now and it’s a pretty scary ride. For starters Tegus airport is the 2nd most dangerous airport in the world. It is set in a valley and the plane actually does a nose dive into the mountain range and banks left, then right, then up then down, something like a roller coaster. And lands on the shortest runway ever!
Well while the captain is doing this, he starts to get off on a rant about how you cant trust pilots anymore, and how they make you use auto-brakes and how computers are taking over and soon he wont be needed anymore yada yada yada, lol.
Then as we start to land this little rash I had starts to act up and starts to itch pretty badly. Well in 20 minutes this darn rash starts to freaking take over my arm, so we hit the runway and dock into tegus. Well when we get off and they scan you with one of these infrared cameras for the flu… LAME, what a hold up lol. Well at this point im itchy and ready to just get underway to Emmanuel. So I meet up with Jordan (a staff member at the orphanage) and we take off to Emmanuel. Now I picked up some medication in tegus for this rash. And all of a sudden that night the rash spreads all over my body. I wake up in the morning, freaking out. Now not only is my arm swollen and red but its moved to my face, back, legs and torso. What the hack!!!!!! I run to our clinic getting stopped by every person along the way… Least to say I wasn’t in the mood to talk lol. Well then Jenny comes along ( my girlfriend) Im like ohhhh great!!! Here I am back from the states all red and puffy and really not wanting to talk at all. So I say hello but tell her I cant talk now I gotta go… she wasn’t very happy lol but hey im in pain and im thinking I got the swine flu and my skin is turning into pig skin!!!!
Well I get a hold of some medicine and in a day most of the redness goes away and im in pretty go shape.
Ok so that adventure is over now time to get back to work, well I go have dinner with the boys after a good days work and dang don’t you know it I get flippen food poisoning. Im stuck head in the toilet for 11 hours.
I honestly thought I was dying, and that life could not get any worse.
But then it did get worse YET!
So all of a sudden a urge storm moves in at starts pouring down water!!!!!!! And the home we are in is brand new and man where there holes in the roof. All of a sudden my entire bed is wet!!! The floor is wet, the kitchen looks like a pipe busted, and the only place that’s not leaking is the bathroom, where it wouldn’t matter if it was lol!!!!!!
Well as you can see I am alive and kicking but it was a rough start for me.
But now things are back to normal and my days are coming back into where I left off with them.
But one good thing that happened to be was that lately God has really been speaking to me about is love for me and my faith in him. I have been reading Hebrews a lot lately and it has been really opening up in my heart. I love it!
The horse program in full swing and moving right long!!! Although someone broke into our tack room and stole a saddle, and all our reins. So now I cant let anyone ride the horses!! Sad stuff, so if anyone know a person that is looking to donate old horse equipment send them my way cause we are hurting for some new equipment. I have a class going now and we are ready to move on to mounting the horses and cant lol. I know God will provide but doesn’t hurt to ask around.
Other then that life is good, Jenny and I are doing very well, and Emmanuel is busy and beautiful as ever, hot days with rain storms at night. Very cool place to be right now.
Thank you all for your love and support! Miss you all sooo much!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

AHHHH its raining cats and dogggssss

HEY i think i just saw sassy hit the ground!!!

It is raining so hard down here its crazy i knew they had a wet season but i didn't think it was anything like this a river has formed in front of my house i just caught a 3 pound trout!! too cool!!
Ok just joking maybe its not that bad but right at this moment i am typing in the rain on my friends computer. I wanted to say hello and that i have many posts ready to put up but cant post them right now cause the weather is so crazy and the internet follows suit!!!!!!
Thank you for your comments! and thank you for your love everyone!! i miss you and love you all lots!!!!
Talk to you all soon! look for my calls!